Class 8. Beef Calf (Female) Any Breed, Non Pedigree, born after 01/01/22


NOTE: All Commercial Classes are Non Pedigree.
Commercial classes to be judged in pens, unless stated otherwise.

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Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine

Keepers wishing to show cattle in 2022 must obtain a Certificate of Compliance prior to the movement of the animal to the Show. This ensures that the animal(s) in question has the necessary TB, BR and BvD test recorded on the Department’s database and that the keeper presenting the animal is not restricted by the Department. Certificates of Compliance can be obtained online from the Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) system through the facility or from the Cattle Movement Notification Agency. When applying for a Certificate of Compliance, keepers should not specify a destination.

On the day of the Show, the certificate of compliance should be presented to the Show Secretary along with the Bovine Passport for the animal. The keeper will then sign the Movement Notification section of the Certificate which will then be sent to the local DvO for recording onto the AIM system. Please note that only cattle for which a valid Certificate of Compliance is provided to the Show Secretary can be shown on the day of Show.

1. Any person leading an animal must be competent to do so.
2. Animals over 6 weeks of age must have a valid T.B. Test.
3. An animal may be entered in more than one class, but a first prize winner at Show is debarred from competing in any subsequent class except in a class designed as a special class.
4. No person will be allowed inside judging rings while judging is in progress, except Stewards in Charge, Judges and attendants immediately
in charge of exhibit being judged.
5. Animals must be supervised at all times.
6. Officers of the Department of Agriculture will attend to check animals against accompanying veterinary documents. All necessary documents ust be produced on show day for inspection.
7. Departmental Rules request that all animals be double tagged.
8. o pedigree cattle allowed to be shown in Commercial Classes.
9. All cattle to be led, unless otherwise stated.
10. Officers/Stewards of Bannow & Rathangan Show Society reserve the right to remove any animal that is considered a Health & Safety risk.


Note: On Show day, Please collect exhibit Numbers at Cattle Section.
Enquiries regarding Cattle Classes to
Pat Kavanagh: 086 8697119 | Entries : Eilish Stafford 087 2052253, Ballygrangans, Kilmore, Co. Wexford

John Murphy Memorial Cup. Kindly presented in 1988 by the Doran and Redmond families in memory of John Murphy, Horesland – Winner Class 6 Pedigree/Non Pedigree Holstein/Friesian Cow in milk.
Richard O’Brien Perpetual Trophy. Kindly presented by Mr. Richard (Dickie) O’Brien, in memory of his father, Richard.
Slaney Agricultural Supplies Cup. Kindly presented in 1987 by Mr. Peadar Carter,
Slaney Agricultural Supplies – Supreme Dairy Champion.
J. White Animal Services Cup. Kindly presented in 2015 by J. White Animal Services,
AGRI LLOYD Trophy – Kindly Sponsored by AGRI LLOYD

Knockbine – Supreme Irish Moiled Champion.
Supreme Dairy Champion – €70 Voucher.
Supreme Commercial Champion – €70
Kindly sponsored by The Cooney Furlong Grain Company.
Supreme Irish Moiled Champion – €70
Kindly Sponsored by Slaney Foods International Ltd.
Supreme Hereford Champion – €70
Supreme Inter Breed Champion